Koss FitClips

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I have been a Yurbuds gal ever since my sister bought me a pair for my first marathon in 2011. They’ve been my go-to pair of headphones for running and they’ve transformed into my favorites for everyday too.. Until the day that I lost one during a race because the ear piece fell out of the gel “bud” and turned around to try and find it. Sad face. No one wants to have their race interrupted. No one.

Enter, Koss FitClips!

Let’s just get down to it.

1. Amazing colors. Look how it matches the pool amazingly!

2. Goes around the ear so the cord isn’t directly in your face.

3. Noise canceling. I’ve noticed that the noise around me diminishes greatly when I pop them in!

4. No fear of losing an important part of the ear bud! Whew.

5. Three different sizes to fit your ear properly.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 1.37.38 PM

Which FitClips color would you choose? They also make a FitBud!

I’m definitely not throwing my Yurbuds away for good but I will be switching to the FitClips for most of my runs and daily activity. I always toss my headphones in my bag and when I’ve pulled out my Yurbuds, I’ve often lost one, if not both, of the gel part. Digging for a $30 piece of plastic so your earphones work is not fun. However, I do feel that they lock in better than FitClips (that is if you can keep track of your little buds!). All in all, love the FitClips! Highly recommend (also covered with lifetime warrenty!).

What is your favorite brand of earbuds for running?

Here’s a helpful video that shows how to properly put FitClips in so that they lock in and don’t fall out!


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2 responses to “Koss FitClips

  1. I’m a Yurbuds gal too…I’ll have to check these out tho!

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